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The Adoption Process

Whether you are placing a baby or wishing to receive a baby, begin by making a list of your questions and then gather information and answers. Carolyn will answer your questions on the phone or more likely set a date and time to meet for in depth conversation.

How to Finalize Your Adoption

In most states, the attorney representing the birth parents cannot also represent the receiving parents. The receiving parents will be responsible for paying all the associated costs and in Kentucky, the costs must be court approved at the adoption. Your attorney is responsible for preparing the legal documents which are determined by the facts of your case. You will be asked to proofread the documents carefully.

The Cost of Adoption

The cost of an adoption is dependent on three things: The time in the pregnancy at which a Birth mother or Birth parents seek services, the specific personal needs she may have and whether she has or can acquire Medicaid or other private insurance to cover the cost of the medical expenses. Additionally, there is the cost of the attorney for each party, meaning the placing parents and the receiving parents. There are other lesser fees, but those are the larger ones. The receiving (adopting) parents cover all costs. There is no cost to the birthparent(s).

Adoption Laws in Kentucky

Kentucky adoption law is a discussion better dealt with in person. There are various nuances and follow up questions.

Benefits of Adoption

The benefits of adoption are best viewed from the perspective of each party. If a young woman or couple are unable for some particular reason to parent the child, adoption offers them a way to provide parenting for the child, just not by them. The goal is to be sure the child is loved, cared for and nurtured by someone wanting a child.

Open Adoption

Whether an adoption is open, semi-open, semi-closed, or closed will be up to what is agreed upon by both the birth parents and the adoptive parents. Typically, an “open” adoption in Kentucky is defined by a verbal or written agreement decided upon by both parties prior to the birth of the child. However, any such agreement is not enforceable by law in Kentucky. Therefore, whether or not to keep the “open” agreement is ultimately left up to the adoptive parents as they may decide whether the agreement is still best for the child.